Cold War Freezer Burn

The Cold War didn’t really end. It’s been sitting in the chest freezer in the basement of geopolitical relations all these years.

As crazy Uncle Donny gets ready to take over in the kitchen, I can only imagine (and dread) what he will do with the frozen beast that is US/Russia relations. Will he get drunk and leave it on the counter overnight? Maybe. Will he try to thaw it out by running hot water over it in a sink he just washed his underwear in? Possibly. We know it’ll be weird. Having just been handed the keys to the White House, a situation that Russia at least had a small part in, Cheeto Musolini might feel he owes Putin a solid at some point.

The party of Reagan made this happen.
The same Reagan they give credit to for ending the Cold War.

They were Communists and assholes,
They were hicks and they were squares

They were Communists in MiGs
They got me then and there

~ Jazz Butcher

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