ColdWarRock.com was started by Launie Kettler, Steve McIntyre and Jedd Kettler to talk about Cold War-era music that they love, hate, and have been influenced by.

There will probably be some political and pop-cultural history thrown in for good measure as well.

Read their ideas about what Cold War Rock means in the Manifestos pages.

Soon we’ll be bringing other writers into the fold but for the immediate future it will be just the three of us patrolling the barbed wire-covered walls.

Jedd Kettler wonders how you know that he hates the music you listen to and he thinks your eight-track player is awesome. He’s a musician, audio recordist, NEPA-award winning journalist, woodworker, and graphic designer.  He’s a member of Vermont bands present and past, such as farm and Eef.

Launie Kettler thinks you listen to too much music from the last 20 years and that the stylus on your record player needs to be replaced. She is a writer, pop-culture historian, music enthusiast and former drummer who rivaled King Coffey (according to at least one source).

Steve McIntyre thinks you need to listen to more Herb Alpert and to clean the heads on your tape player before it chews up all your precious cassettes. He is a web designer and engineer, who also plays drums and bass.

About the Author

Jedd is a musician, writer, graphic designer and woodworker. He is a member of Vermont band farm and recently released several EPs under the name Dashboard Hibachi.