mao-little-red-bookBeing a loose collection of individuals who probably have differing ideas about just what Cold War Rock really is, we thought we would throw it out to the world and debate our ideas in true Cold War fashion – propaganda.

And so we each began work on our Cold War Rock manifestos.

Who’s world vision will prevail? Jedd’s?

Who’s philosophy will prove the most enduring? Launie’s?

Who’s economy (read: bank account) will run dry first as the war of ideas and the philosophical arms race comes to a head? Steve’s?

The revolution will not be tweeted. Or maybe it will. Depends on who you ask. History will be facebooked by the winners.

About the Author

Jedd is a musician, writer, graphic designer and woodworker. He is a member of Vermont band farm and recently released several EPs under the name Dashboard Hibachi.