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Feel free to leave comments on any and all articles. If you have an account here, just login and start commenting.

But if you’re new to ColdWarRock, it’s still as simple as scrolling down to the comments at the bottom of an article and then typing in your email address (which we’ll keep private) and a name, real or imagined. Your first comment on the site will need to be approved by administrators before it appears to other readers, but after that all your comments should go up immediately.

As to what you can and cannot write, we would rather not put limitations on commenters.  The iron curtain has fallen, so dissidents and protesters of all stripes are welcome.

We do, however, reserve the right to moderate any and all comments for any reason. Here’s a quick guide to things we care about:

Gary Larson, Far Side, Take your brother off the rack Larry* Be respectful. No personal attacks. Yes, it’s the internet, but we’re still all flesh and blood.

* Use proper capitalization, grammar and punctuation. At least make the attempt. We’re not interested in being grammar police and we don’t expect perfection, but…  if u rite a sentinst lik this,? LMAO? …. it will be deleted.

* No advertising or excessive links to pet projects. Feel free to include links, of course, just keep it relevant.

Basically, open debate is encouraged and we want you to say what’s on your mind – just try not to be a dick about it.

To quote a classic Gary Larson Far Side cartoon, “You want me to stop the car, Larry, or do you want to take your brother off the rack this instant?”


Standard HTML – such as italics <i>italics</i>, bold <b>bold</b>,  links <a href=”URL address here” title=”words you want linked”, and others – can be used in comments.

Your can also embed images and videos in comments.

How to embed images:

  • Use this code: <img src=”image-url-here”>
  • Please note that if you embed an image wider than 640 pixels, it will mess with the site layout. In this case we will probably have to remove your comment entirely. At the very least, we will remove the image from your comment.
  • To avoid this, pay attention to the size of the image you are embedding. If it’s wider than 640 pixels use this code: <img src=”image-url-here” width=”a-number-630-or-smaller”>

How to embed video:

  • Videos can be embedded from a number of different sources – we’ve tested youtube and vimeo embeds on the site and both work well. Embed from other sources at your own peril.
  • Here’s how to do it from youtube, but vimeo is similar: Go to the page for the video you want to embed. Click the ‘share’ button. Click the ’embed’ button and copy the code that appears and paste it into your comment. You can use either the new ‘iframe’ code or the older ‘object’ code.

Happy commenting.

About the Author

Jedd is a musician, writer, graphic designer and woodworker. He is a member of Vermont band farm and recently released several EPs under the name Dashboard Hibachi.